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is Ziesha scam?

Hi,Ziesha fans, Ziesha's co-founder(Iranian)- Keyvan Kambakhsh modified the project link without agrees, privately invited Rues (Turks) to team, and threatening founder to quit Ziesha, and refused to return Funds, a perfidious man is leading Ziesha to the abyss.

Rues - The liar

I pay keyvan kambakhsh salary to develop Ziesha network. In the end he refused to return my funds, please beware of this despicable villain. Rues lied to the community that I was an employee lol. Rues keep cheating the community!!!

Keyvan Kambakhsh - Perfidious Iranian

His Github:
His Linkedin:

We applaud the Iranian women's hijab revolution, but it is undeniable that there are also dishonest men among the bravest Iranians

What is Ziesha?

In simplest words, Ziesha (ℤ) is a cryptocurrency which aims to provide a light and scalable blockchain using the help of Zero-Knowledge proof technology.